"As Carl's successor as CEO of Clifton Gunderson, Carl is an incredible mentor to me and to so many others in the profession.  He listens intently, asks great questions and has an uncanny sense for what you're thinking but not saying aloud.  Having already lived most any situation that arises, he relays experience that help steer you in the right direct, many times without giving any direct advice."

   Kris McMasters

   Past CEO

   Clifton Gunderson

The #1 responsibility any organization has is to assure a smooth, effective transfer from one generation to another in order to preserve its sustainability and viability.  Every owner of your firm also carries that responsibility individually.  Effective succession planning is very challenging as firm circumstances are constantly changing, and owners' wants and needs also change.  Consequently, succession planning is not a static process, rather it is a constant work in progress. That's why a well-defined succession planning process is essential for all firms. 


Carl George can assist you in developing your firm's succession planning process.  He has worked with dozens of partners as they were approaching retirement, in developing their plans for their remaining years in the firm, and in the identifying those individuals, that will succeed the retiring partners.  In fact, Carl wrote his own process for selecting his successor as CEO, and his Board implemented it.


  • Meeting with firm leaders to understand the current process in place, and to discuss immediate issues and needs

  • Assisting with the design of a process that aligns with firm strategic objectives, and that is also practical to implement

  • Reviewing of the "bench strength" within the firm, including identification of gaps that need to be addressed

  • Reviewing the process with owners of the firm

  • Implementing the process

  • Developing exit strategies for those nearing retirement

  • Developing a succession planning process for senior management in the firm, including the development of desired attributes for next generation leaders

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