Carl George has helped develop scores of strategic plans over his career.  He strongly believes that the most successful firms have well thought-out strategic plans that revolve around a common vision and the strategies essential to reach that vision.  These firms develop their plans with a long-term focus - while still addressing short-term issues - thereby assuring that the firm legacy is passed on to the next generations.

Over the past three decades, Carl George has been one of the profession's greatest leaders and visionaries.  He has seen virtually every challenge and obstacle that face firms, and more importantly, has had as much success as any leader in the industry in dealing with these issues."

Alan Koltin, CPA CE

Koltin Consulting Group


"Carl George is one of the "big thinkers" of the accounting profession. In his roles as CEO of Clifton Gunderson, later senior executive concentrating on acquisitions and now in his role as a management consultant, Carl instinctively brings just the right amount of balance of strategy and execution to successfully grow public accounting firms. His four decades of experience provides a unique perspective on many aspects of running a CPA firm, and his track record should give anyone looking to engage Carl a high comfort level that he is "the real deal."

  Mike Platt

  The Platt Group

  Publisher of INSIDE Public


  • Insisting that all thought leaders are part of the planning process

  • Implementing a hands-on strategic planning process that takes the firm from 30,000 feet (vision) to ground level (implementation and tactics)

  • Building a plan around the questions: Who? What? When? Why? How?

  • Gaining the buy-in of firm owners

  • Understanding that it takes small steps and actions to perfect big ideas

  • Understanding that everyone in the firm has a role in the plan's execution

  • Insisting that progress of the plan be measured, and that the firm's owners be held accountable toward that progress

  • Leaving the firm with a well-defined vision and next steps

  • Assuring that the plan does not get "shelved" with no action

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