A firm is only as good as the harmony within the ownership group.  When a conflict arises, it is essential to address the root issues and to deal with any negotiating that immediately follows.  Seldom does anything positive come from ignoring the conflict.  The fact is, people change and circumstances change, and finding a fair resolution of the issue at hand is generally in everyone's best interest.


During his career as partner in charge, COO and CEO, Carl has faced a great number of partner conflicts.  He will share what approaches he took, and the proposed resolutions that worked and those that didn't.  Carl will listen intently, and he will provide direct and unbiased feedback on what he believes would be the best resolution.


Sometimes, difficult decisions must be made.  In keeping with the one-firm concept and what's best for the overall firm, partners are asked to depart, or they may want to withdraw.  Carl with work with your firm in arriving at a fair and equitable severance agreement for both firm and partner in those circumstances.

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