"Carl's valuable advice and council helped us reach our goal.  His experience helped us deal with the issues of merging two firms of like size which is not an easy task. He guided us on the principles we needed in place to operate as one firm and as a substantially larger firm than either of us had been before the merger.   He was great!"

Mike Mountjoy & Diane Medley

Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP

The merger and acquisition environment will be active for years to come.  Whether your firm is a buyer or a seller, it's critical to approach the market in an organized and thoughtful manner.


Carl George Advisory can assist your firm in the merger and acquisition process. 


As COO and CEO of Clifton Gunderson, Carl George was involved in more than 50 transactions ranging from $75,000 to $550 million. Carl is quick to point out that M&A is not just about the numbers. He understands that every transaction is part "science" and part "art", and he will advise you in these equally critical areas of the M&A process.  He is an expert negotiator and emphasizes the long-term importance of a fair deal. 

"Clifton Gunderson did over 50 mergers during Carl's tenure in management of the firm.  Carl's caring and approachable nature and ability to read between the lines and quickly grasp a firm's important concerns were key reasons so many of our discussions resulted in successful transactions.  He has the processes perfected in managing the complicated issues involved in bringing organizations together."


  Kris McMasters

  Retired CEO

  Clifton Gunderson

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