As firms grow, changes in the organizational structure are often warranted.  Whether it be a change in the responsibilities of the firm’s leaders or of the firms governing body, it is essential to implement those changes as efficiently as possible, to avoid any delays or confusion toward attaining your firm’s strategic objectives.


Formal agreements sometimes become outdated over time, typically for legal, environmental, growth or operational reasons.  Reviewing the firm’s governing agreements is a time-consuming and difficult task, but one that is essential to every current and retired owner, and employee of your firm.


Carl George has led the implementation of many changes in board structure, management structure or firm agreements, and he has the knowledge of the best practices and processes to obtain owner’s buy-in.  He will work with your owner group to understand any proposed changes, and put an efficient change process in place.


  • Board or executive committee structure and responsibilities

  • Management structure and responsibilities

  • Formal governing agreement amendments, owner buy-in, and implementation

  • Owners’ goal setting and evaluation systems that align with the firm's strategic objectives

  • Owners’ compensation systems that align with the firm's strategic objectives

  • Owners' retirement and deferred compensation plans that align with the firm's culture and affordability

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