"Carl has served as my professional mentor for the last few years.  He brilliantly listens and provides honest insight based upon his years of experience and he is not clouded by a firm's self-interest.  His independent feedback with the mentee's best interest in mind is a critical sounding board for any leader in public accounting."

Josh Partlow, CPA, Partner

Johnson Lambert LLP

The role of a managing partner or practice partner in a firm is complex.  Owners wear many hats, and it's very difficult - if not impossible - to be proficient in each area.  Mentoring or coaching can help.  Sometimes, it's advantageous to look outside the firm to gain either a different perspective or an impartial view of ways to strengthen a partner's skills.


Having spent 42 years in the industry - most of them in leadership roles - Carl George has overcome many obstacles and pursued numerous opportunities.  As your mentor, he will listen in a caring manner about your circumstances.  He likes to ask questions and challenge you to think of alternatives and solutions.  He will offer advice and counsel based on his experiences and intuition.  What's important is that you leave the conversation with clarity about your approach to the issue or opportunity.  If not, he will continue to work with you until you do.

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